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9th August 2014


Awkwardly Unique turned 3 today!

Awkwardly Unique turned 3 today!

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7th August 2014

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M: “If everyone’s quiet, I go BBUING BBUING!

     If everyone’s screaming I go BBUING BBUING!

     I’ll always go BBUING BBUING!”

T: “During debut Minho never would’ve done this but recently he likes to-“


 Trans x

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6th August 2014


chanellejoon said: Hi is your P2 saturday ticket still available?

I apologize, but it is not :( 

I have someone wanting to sell P2 - Sunday, though, if you need that one? 

2nd August 2014

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Kcon Ticket for Sale

Ticket: Saturday P2 (GA, standing room) 2-day con access (was part of the P2+P2 combo, Sunday has been sold)

Cost: $150

Shipping: Free with priority mail (2-3 days, includes tracking number), 2DA/NDA available for $20

Contact me via Twitter, Tumblr, or KKT

Twitter: pixxxistik or diamondicecream

KKT: Wizzardess

*the best and quickest way to contact me is KKT or my pixxxistik twitter account*

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14th July 2014

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[Fan Pic] 2014 PHANTASM World Tour in Taiwan (05.07.2014)

Part 6

Credit : a-hila

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11th July 2014

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Verrückt — meaning “insane” in German is the world’s tallest water-slide. It stands at 168 feet and 7 inches. It reaches speeds of 60 MPH after dropping you from the height of a 15 story building.

Forgot to mention that it opens tomorrow in Kansas City!

I get discounts to Schlitterbahn. Who wants to go?

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3rd July 2014

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13th June 2014

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13th June 2014

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goblin | do not edit.
goblin | do not edit.

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16th May 2014

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140516 Tao singing in SM.

He opened up the window to let the fans listen to him. According to FA, Tao has been singing while crying alone in the practice room and at one point he screamed out of frustration. The fans outside sm are in pain and they’re heartbroken. x

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25th April 2014

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14th April 2014

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140413 Japan fanmeeting “Hello” Tao

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4th April 2014


heymamaci-ta said: Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about you publicly, and then send this to 10 of your favorite followers ❤

1. I have lovely hair

2. I have very thin and beautiful hands and wrists

3. Writing comes easily to me (and I’m quite good at it)

4. My fangirling is adorable

5. I’m neurotic in a good way? XD

25th March 2014

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19th March 2014

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Why Zhoumi’s first impression of Heechul is manly and not girly

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